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  • tv mounting

    We offer Basic TV Mounting on flat, tilt or articulating arm brackets as well as custom ceiling mount or under cabinet applications. No visible wires. Dedicated TV outlet. Let us put our professional touch on your TV application.

  • HOME theater

    Experience your favorite movie, TV show, Sports event or Video game like never before! Powerful, yet unobtrusive In-Ceiling Speakers turn just watching tv into an Audio & Video Experience. If you have never felt like you were actually "in" the action, you've got to try it!

  • whole house audio

    Bring your home alive with whole house audio! Enjoy your favorite music throughout your home all without interrupting what's being watched in the Family room. Even bring the music outside using our Patio Eave mount or planter bed Rock Speakers! How about controlling your music from your phone, IPad or tablet.

    • networking

      With Audio & Video devices such as IPads/Tablets, SmartPhones, DVD players, TV's, Gaming consoles, laptops requiring Internet coverage, your Home Wireless Network has become essential. Let us design a wireless network that keeps you connected!

    • one simple remote

      Tired of trying to figure out which remote to use? Let us simplify your system by integrating all remote functions into one Remote! One touch commands change from TV to your favorite DVD, Gaming console, Apple TV, etc. With the Wifi or Radio Frequency Antenna you can even hide your equipment behind closed doors or even in a different room!

    • surveillance

      Keep an eye on your valuables 24/7! Business or Residential, the peace of mind you get is priceless. Access multiple sites anytime/anywhere using your Smartphone/Tablet or Computer.